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Make Yourself Known: How to Get Discovered as a Creative

It can be difficult to get noticed in the creative world, especially if you are just starting out. But there are ways to make yourself known and get discovered. Here are some tips on how to do it, courtesy of Love's Custom Woodwork.

Form an LLC for Your Business

One of the most important steps when starting your own business is forming an LLC, or limited liability company. An LLC will protect you from personal liability and help you save on paying taxes on your business income. Not only that, but having an LLC will also make it easier for potential clients and employers to take you seriously as a professional.

Learn More About the Business World

It’s important to learn more about the business world and how it works before diving in. Take classes or read books on business basics such as accounting, finance, and marketing, so that you can understand how businesses operate and how to best leverage your skill set to succeed.

Learn From a Mentor

Having someone you can trust who has been in the creative field longer than you can be extremely helpful when trying to get discovered. A mentor can provide valuable advice on what works and what doesn’t work when trying to get noticed by potential employers or clients. They can also give insight into different strategies that have worked for them in the past.

Write a Business Plan

A business plan is essential when starting any kind of business venture, including one related to creativity or artistry. Writing out a plan will help keep you organized, focused, and motivated throughout the process of getting discovered and making your mark in the creative world. Plus, having a well-written plan can also help attract potential investors who may want to fund your project or venture down the line.

Create a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio is one of the most important steps toward getting noticed as a creative professional. Put together samples of work that showcase your talents and skills so that potential employers or clients have something tangible they can look at before hiring and working with you. Be sure to include high-quality images and videos along with detailed descriptions so that viewers know exactly what they are looking at.

Create Your Own Logo

Marketing is essential, of course, but you should branch out beyond the obvious social media advertising to include some other old-fashioned methods. In fact, it helps to have an Adobe Express graphic design logo, as well. This is a great way to put your creativity to use and add a face to your company. You can share your logo via social media and add it to your business cards and emails, as well.

Prepare a Home Office

You’re going to need a dedicated place to work, so if you haven’t already, it might be a good idea to set aside an office space in your home. Make sure it has plenty of natural light and is a place where you’ll feel comfortable working. If you need to make some renovations, like adding windows or expanding a room, good news: renovations like this have the added benefit of raising your home’s appraisal value, as well! Just make sure you save those receipts.

Expand Your Network by Rekindling Relationships

Networking is key when trying to get discovered as a creative professional. Utilizing helpful search apps allows creatives like yourself to expand your network by rekindling relationships with friends and acquaintances from high school you've lost touch with over time.

Getting discovered as a creative professional takes hard work, dedication, and persistence, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you know where to start. Writing up solid business plans, preparing terms and contracts, and utilizing software like a 3D texturing tool are all great ways you can make yourself known as a creative and get discovered today.

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Thank you to Jennifer Scott for publishing this article for us. Please contact Jennifer Scott at or for more information.

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